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« on: 29 October 2015, 17:22:19 »
I found this when I was clearing my office.

Fun time again after the Einstein Riddle. I think some of us had done this years ago......

Here is the game:

You are one of the crew on board a spaceship to rendezvous with the mother ship on the lighted side of the moon. Mechanical difficulties, however, have forced your ship to crash-land at a spot some 300 km from the rendezvous point. The rough landing has damaged much of the equipment aboard. Your survival depends on reaching the mother ship, and you have to choose the most essential items for the 300 km trip. The 15 items left intact after landing are listed below. Your task is to rank them in order of their importance to your crew in your attempt to reach the rendezvous point. Write number 1 for the most important item, number 2 for the second most important item and so on.

a. Box of matches
b. Concentrated food
c. 20m of nylon rope
d. Parachute silk
e. Portable heating unit
f. Two 0.45 calibre pistols
g. 1 case of tins of dried milk
h. Two 50kilo tanks of oxygen
i. Star map
j. Life raft
k. Magnetic compass
l. 20 litres of water
m. Signal flares
n. First-aid kit
o. Solar-powered FM receiver/transmitter

OK. Here you go....I will post the answer later.....

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Re: NASA Game
« Reply #1 on: 30 October 2015, 13:04:50 »
Fun question  :). Here's my list:

1.   h
2.   l
3.   b
4.   i
5.   o
6.   n
7.   c
8.   g
9.   m
10. d
11. e
12. f
13. j
14. k
15. a

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Re: NASA Game
« Reply #2 on: 07 December 2015, 02:21:22 »
My trial:

(I only figure out few top and few bottoms and then the mids are just guess)

1. h. Two 50kilo tanks of oxygen
2. l. 20 litres of water
3. e. Portable heating unit
4. i. Star map
5. o. Solar-powered FM receiver/transmitter

6. c. 20m of nylon rope
7. b. Concentrated food
8. j. Life raft
9. g. 1 case of tins of dried milk
10. n. First-aid kit

11. m. Signal flares
12. d. Parachute silk

13. f. Two 0.45 calibre pistols
14. a. Box of matches
15. k. Magnetic compass

(it turns out I missed the 'o', and now I just added it back)
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Re: NASA Game
« Reply #3 on: 28 January 2016, 16:25:20 »
Almost forgot to post the answer.....  ;D

1. Oxygen - vital to support life
2. Water - second essential, to sustain life and to make eating
3. Map - third essential, to move in the right direction
4. Concentrated food - important, tho not so essential as water
5. Transmitter - important, for communication
6. Rope - important, to maintain movement as the gravity is low and moon's surface is full of cliffs
7. First Aid Kit - important
8. Parachute silk - important, it can be cutup and turned into packs to carry other objects, or laid out as a marker
9. Lift-raft - useful, life-raft contains a can of gas for inflation purpose, or it can be used as a propulsion unit
10. Flares - useful, to draw attention of rescuers, it also contains its own source of oxygen
11. Pistols - of little use, perhaps for propulsion purposes
12. Powdered milk - of little use
13. Heater - of no use, the daylight side of the moon is always warm
14. Compass - of no use, no magnetic poles on the moon
15. Matches - of no use, no oxygen

The order of the last few ones may be altered as they are of no use.